Marijuana Use Among College Students Study

New survey results out of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation found that one-third of college students in NY has gone to class high. Why? Some claim it helps them concentrate and relax, others claim recreational preference for THC over alcohol because they don’t need to worry about hangovers or alcohol poisoning. But the risks that aren’t considered? Impaired cognitive functioning and memory later in life. 

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Bringing Dating Back?


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In light of this past Valentine’s Day weekend, it appears some college students are hoping for more than what “hookup culture” has offered: dating. While I have so much to say about this, I’ll let the article highlighting students from the University of Pittsburgh do the talking. 

Depression Among First Year College Students

While this is likely not an article that will leave parents of high school seniors (or anyone!) feeling warm and fuzzy, it is imperative that higher education professionals begin looking at this data. With survey results like this, it seems necessary to increase support services on college campuses or begin building relationships in the community in order to “contract out.”

Survey Says….

My husband and I were commenting tonight on how much college students have changed from 10 years ago. As of a few years ago, we now have new language to describe the 20s- “emerging adolescence”; read more about that here. Technology has changed us. While some things are certainly the same, others are profoundly different (think: the way college students are more interested in their smart phone than the person sitting across from them at lunch).

A summary of the annual “Freshman Survey” can be found here.


Introverted Networking


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Sigh. Admittedly, I hate- no, abhor-networking. And what I really mean by this is I dread schmoozing with people during a forced time of conversation–commonly known as “networking.” I have friends, however, who love this kind of thing. Not me. I will do almost anything to avoid it. (Yes, even if this means missing opportunities to win raffles. Instead, I find look the quickest exit and bee-line it to the door.)

But, this summer I was at a conference for work and I decided to try something new. I was determined to meet new professionals but not go to the end-of-the-evening socials (okay- when an introvert is around others ALL day, there is nothing worse than a social event at night).

At each meal, I would sit by myself or join someone who was sitting by him/herself. It was fantastic! I can handle one person at a table over food. (However, I cannot handle 40 people awkwardly standing around making small talk. )

Fast Company published this really great article about networking for introverts. I especially love #4 and #5. Because as an introvert you can be bold and assertive, it’s simply that you choose to spend that emotional energy wisely (with one or two people at a time).