Not Everyone Has to Like You

“…sometimes people’s criticism of you is actually more about them. In fact, if you can take yourself and your emotions out of it, liking someone is a personal preference similar to liking or disliking a food. Not everyone has to like you because really there is nothing that every single person likes, no matter how great it is.”

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Helping Your Teen with Negative Thoughts

When your child/teen/college student/adult child (!) is hurting, parents want to help and want to know what to say. If your son or daughter struggles with negative thinking (often the root of anxiety, depression, and STRESS), NPR offers some tips on how to help them step back and think differently.

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Are You a People Pleaser?

A lot of people are (people pleasers), so if you are, know you’re not the only one. However, it’s not a healthy place to “live,” so know the signs and take baby steps to begin to overcome your people-pleasing ways!

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On Adult Friendships

I appreciate this article from Psychology Today about making and keeping friends as an adult. The topic of friendship can be especially difficult for young adults, especially those coming from a college community where they live with and see their friends all of the time (think “built in community”). If this is you, be sure to read through the misconceptions so you can rest assured that you are not alone!

Sarahah: a self-esteem booster?

Maybe you have heard of the app, Sarahah, that has become quite the fad lately. People can send anonymous messages- hopefully positive ones- to the intended recipient.

While it is intended to be a positive “self-esteem” booster, I’m concerned about the anonymity of it and the related dangers. (YikYak was also once considered harmless but easily spiraled out of control many times, particularly on college campuses.)

Better idea: tell your friends what you appreciate about them and sign your name to it. This may have even more power to it.

If you need a self-esteem boost, I’d recommend talking to someone you know well (or, hey, a therapist! :)) and ask them to help you identify your top strengths.

Read more about the app here.

Managing Emotions

Feel overwhelmed or overrun by your emotions? Good news: you don’t have to. You can recognize them for what they are and make choices accordingly.

“You are not your emotions. Emotions are, by their very nature, strong. However, it’s important to get clear that you are not your emotions. You are a person with values and commitments who happens to have emotions that are triggered on a regular and ongoing basis.”

Check out this article from Psychology Today for more…