Reframing Stress

Even though I focus a lot on emotions and relationships in my counseling sessions, I also have my clients learn to reframe their negative, irrational, or unhelpful thoughts. Below is an article called “How to Flip the Switch on Stress” (from Psychology Today). Thinking about our stress (or any situation, really) differently can be empowering and allow us to move forward and handle the task before us. Read the article HERE.

Take a Breath

Have you ever had a day/week/month/YEAR when the entire universe seems to be against you? Whether it’s one big thing or a whole lot of little things, rest assured– you are human and it’s okay to experience a range of emotions. The important thing is how you handle it. Everyone has their “stuff.” It could just be different stuff than yours. (No sense in comparing.)

I appreciate this article entitled, “What To Do When Things Fall Apart” that The Gottman Institute shared recently on Facebook. Check it out HERE.


Need some more reasons to be grateful besides that you “should” because it’s the month of Thanksgiving? For one, gratitude is a great defense against depression. Read about the  “7 Scientifically Proven Benefits” of Gratitude HERE and then begin your own daily lists of gratitude.

High Achiever Anxiety

Are you a high achiever? Do you suffer from (near constant) anxiety as a result? Living in a constant state of achievement and anxiety can be exhausting. Read THIS to hear from a life coach who identifies as a high achiever, and resulting anxiety.

Is Your Smart Phone Making You Stupid?

“If you’re like most, you will consult your phone about 80 times a day, or almost 2,400 times a month, resulting in about 30,000 times a year. It’s crazy, but it’s now front and center for many of us, and certainly for the “screenagers” who attend our schools. It has become our mailbox, TV, teacher, consultant, photo album, newspaper, radio, roadmap, wristwatch, camera, board game, library and party line. According to Pew Research Center, university students put it in the same category as air and water. It’s a must. It’s like an appendage to their bodies.”

Read the full article HERE.

Your Career: “Goodness of Fit”

Feeling unsure about the “goodness of fit” in your job/career? Want to venture out and try something new but unsure of how to go about it? offers some practical suggestions.

Also, be sure that you are updating your resume so that you can land an interview in your new desired role. If you feel as though you have no experience in your new, desired field, think about your transferable skills: what skills do I have in my current job that would be applicable in my new job? 

Check out the article HERE. If you are stuck with your resume or unsure of where to begin, I’d recommend scheduling an appointment with a career counselor (I can also help with this!).

Can Anxiety & Parenthood Co-Exist?: Yes, of course.

Anxiety can hold people back in a variety of ways in their life- school, careers, dating, marriage, and, of course, parenting. The most common thing I have heard is: “I wouldn’t want to pass anxiety down to my kids!” The evidence for this is inconclusive. Just because you have anxiety certainly doesn’t mean that your child will. So much of behavior is learned.

Read the article HERE.

Teen Anxiety at an All-Time High

It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that teenagers are dealing with anxiety now more than ever before. The New York Times recently published an excellent article detailing this anxiety.

Here’s an excerpt: “For many of these young people, the biggest single stressor is that they ‘never get to the point where they can say, ‘I’ve done enough, and now I can stop,’ ” Luthar says. ‘There’s always one more activity, one more A.P. class, one more thing to do in order to get into a top college. Kids have a sense that they’re not measuring up. The pressure is relentless and getting worse.'”

You can read the full article HERE.