Surviving Summer Parties as an Introvert

Do you dread party invitations because you’re unsure of whom you’ll talk to or hang out with? Check out this “Introvert’s Guide to Summer Parties.” Be yourself and enjoy; and, if you really don’t want to go to the party, then don’t. You’re an adult. šŸ™‚

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The Smartphone (Anxiety) Epidemic

“Smartphones have been a major part of our world for a decade or so and it appears that they (and other devices, too) are having a deleterious effect on our mental and emotional functioning. People who use them a lot (and that is most of us) cannot seem to stay away from them and the research is pretty clear that one major cause is anxiety. Whether it is FOMO or some other technology-related anxiety is an open research question.”

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Failing Well

One college implemented a series called “Failing Well,” teaching its students to bounce back from “failures.” It’s okay to receive a B- or not get accepted into a club or not have a relationship/job work out. Read more here.

Put Down That Phone

When I was in college, which wasn’tĀ that long ago, cell phones were more of the exception than the rule. In fact, I remember one fellow student who was hooked to his cell phone and we (affectionately) called him “cell phone Jay.” Everyone knew who “cell phone Jay” was because he was always on his phone…and as I said, cell phones were not a common thing.

If you walk through a university campus this fall, it’d be more unusual to find someone not on his/her phone. Ā Are there relational benefits to using cell phones? Sure, we can keep in contact with people more easily and it sure is convenient to text someone if you have a quick question..but, I wonder, what has been lost? A lot, apparently. Read this article from Psychology Today to learn more.

Creating Your “Brand” as an Introvert

Does the thought of networking in a room full of people exhaust you? Do you hate small talk? Do you prefer one-on-one conversations and building relationships that way? Perhaps you’re an introvert.

(I love talking about and teaching introversion, and especially love working with clients who are introverted and feel misunderstood.)

But, what about your career? How do you successfully market yourself if you dread the thought of meeting people and “networking”? Here are some tips.


Learning About College Anxiety

We know that there is much anxiety among college students, and a few factors as to why it is has been increasing over the years. So, what to do? Recognize it & get some help (the summer is a great time if life has slowed a little)– most universities offer free counseling to their students. Let anxiety be part of your story, but don’t let it define you!

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