On Productivity & Depression

Below is an article that speaks against our human nature when we feel down or heart-broken; most of us want to hide and stay to ourselves. Really, though, even though that may feel more comfortable in the moment, it’s not going to help. You may need to push yourself–or better yet, have someone else help push you! Get off the couch, get dressed, and get moving…even when Netflix seems to be calling your name.

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Not Everyone Has to Like You

“…sometimes people’s criticism of you is actually more about them. In fact, if you can take yourself and your emotions out of it, liking someone is a personal preference similar to liking or disliking a food. Not everyone has to like you because really there is nothing that every single person likes, no matter how great it is.”

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Are You a People Pleaser?

A lot of people are (people pleasers), so if you are, know you’re not the only one. However, it’s not a healthy place to “live,” so know the signs and take baby steps to begin to overcome your people-pleasing ways!

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On Adult Friendships

I appreciate this article from Psychology Today about making and keeping friends as an adult. The topic of friendship can be especially difficult for young adults, especially those coming from a college community where they live with and see their friends all of the time (think “built in community”). If this is you, be sure to read through the misconceptions so you can rest assured that you are not alone!

Tips for the Anxious Public Speaker

It seems rare to talk with someone who will declare that they love public speaking (strangely, I am one of those people). Forbes.com published an article (read it HERE) that explains that some anxiety while speaking can actually be a good thing (I agree). The article offers some tips to ease anxiety.

I would also add:

  1. Don’t tell your audience how anxious you are. They want you to succeed and do well.
  2. It’s perfectly OK to fake some confidence (provided that you have prepared). Don’t let them “smell your fear”– you will be GREAT!