Even Models Are Insecure

If you are female, I’m sure there has been a time in your life (or maybe your whole life) when you haven’t liked a part of your body. I have heard, “If only my body weren’t….” countless times. We, as women, seem to think that if we could only fix one part of our body, then we would be happy and secure. We blame our insecurity on our discontentment with our figures.

In this TED Talk, supermodel Cameron Russell advises young girls not to pursue modeling. As she shares modeling pictures of herself on the screen she states, “There are not pictures of me, they are constructions.” She then refers to her co-worker models by saying that despite their “thin thighs” and “shiny hair,” they are still insecure. Hmm…so then, what will it take?

Watch Cameron’s TED Talk here.

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