How long does the counseling process take?
It depends. Every person’s story is different. Sometimes the problems we face have been building for years, and so it takes time to work through them and resolve them. Others might feel “stuck” and require only a few sessions to regain hope and perspective.

Does going to counseling mean I am crazy?
Absolutely not! Every person could benefit from counseling at some point in his or her life. While for some there might be a stigma that therapy is only for people who are crazy, that is simply not true. Having a caring, empathetic, objective person listen to you and provide feedback might be just what you need.

Will you give me advice and tell me what to do about situations?
Typically, no. My goal is to help you work toward your goals, and I see my role as walking along side of you, helping you reach your own conclusions. I will help you weigh your options and ask questions that assist you in your decision-making. My goal is to help you become “unstuck” and to help you live your life fully.

What should I expect at the first session?
Please arrive a few minutes early for your first session. The first session and each subsequent session will be 45 minutes, unless otherwise arranged.

How often will we meet?
That will depend on you and your situation, and will be discussed at the first session.

Is therapy confidential?
Yes, except in certain circumstances. If you have an intent to hurt yourself or someone else, in the cases of child abuse/neglect, elder abuse, or if my notes should be subpoenaed by a court of law, I will have to break confidentiality. Otherwise, the only way I will communicate with someone else outside of the therapy process is if you have a written release.

I see that you offer Christian counseling. Can I see you for therapy even though I do not identify as a Christian?                                                                                    Of course! I see clients from all backgrounds and walks of life, to include different faiths (or no faith/spiritual beliefs at all).

Do you offer a sliding scale?                                                                                                                I offer a limited number of lower fee counseling sessions ($50) to individuals who could not otherwise afford it. All of these are managed through Open Path; if you are interested, please find me on Open Path and begin the client application process by clicking HERE. If the lower fee slots are full, it will be indicated through my profile on Open Path. Please note that the lower fee sessions are only offered during the day (late morning and early afternoon).