Grief: defining self-care

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Many of the bereaved I’ve worked with over the years interpret “taking care of one’s self” during grief means, ultimately, staying busy. So busy, in fact, that you have absolutely no time to think of the loss that is so apparent in your every moment. But, “staying busy” is a great way of coping (albeit not always the healthiest!) for many of us who have difficult feelings that are easiest swept under the rug.

We feel [insert negative emotion here], we load our schedules with activities to combat [said emotion]. Avoidance can only work for so long, making it necessary to find other ways of coping. wrote about self-care through grief in this article; I would add the importance of exercise, sleep, healthy eating. If sleep is impossible every night, it might be beneficial to see your doctor. In addition to facing and expressing emotions, I would include some activities that you enjoy.

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