Introverted Networking

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Sigh. Admittedly, I hate- no, abhor-networking. And what I really mean by this is I dread schmoozing with people during a forced time of conversation–commonly known as “networking.” I have friends, however, who love this kind of thing. Not me. I will do almost anything to avoid it. (Yes, even if this means missing opportunities to win raffles. Instead, I find look the quickest exit and bee-line it to the door.)

But, this summer I was at a conference for work and I decided to try something new. I was determined to meet new professionals but not go to the end-of-the-evening socials (okay- when an introvert is around others ALL day, there is nothing worse than a social event at night).

At each meal, I would sit by myself or join someone who was sitting by him/herself. It was fantastic! I can handle one person at a table over food. (However, I cannot handle 40 people awkwardly standing around making small talk. )

Fast Company published this really great article about networking for introverts. I especially love #4 and #5. Because as an introvert you can be bold and assertive, it’s simply that you choose to spend that emotional energy wisely (with one or two people at a time).

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