Monday Morning Blues


Do you find yourself dreading Mondays? I mean, I’ve yet to meet anyone who loves Mondays, but do you dread them? Some suffer from  early-onset Monday Night Blues known as Sunday Night Blues. Anxiety sets in, you start worrying about what the week ahead holds for you, and when it’s time to sleep, you can’t. Sound familiar?

What can you do to make your Mondays more enjoyable? Or, at least more tolerable? If the answer is, “nothing,” then it might be time to explore the root cause of your blues. What is it that you dread? Your co-workers? Your supervisor? Is the work just not satisfying? Does your work keep you from doing things you would rather be doing (staying home with young children, for example)?

PsychCentral identified 6 signs that you should pay closer attention to your Monday Morning Blues and offers suggestions of how to handle them. Read that article here.

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