On Leaving Your Comfort Zone

photo source: http://treeparker.wordpress.com

Did reading the title give you some anxiety? I know that in the past whenever I’ve been in group situations and the leader/person in charge has said, “Okay, we’re going to do activity to get you out of your comfort zone,” my anxiety level has gone up. My “comfort zone” is safe, quiet, predictable, and…comfortable! Why would I ever leave it? (And how can I get out of this group activity?)

Answer: to live a fuller life. A few years ago I did a small experiment. Every month I did something that scared me, something I never would have done if confined by what was comfortable. Trust me, comfortable it wasn’t. But, I ended up loving it and learning more about myself.

I tell you this because I know many people who don’t do things they should or want to because they are afraid–fear that they won’t be perfect, fear that others will reject them, fear that it won’t go exactly how they planned it in their heads. Is your life full? Or are you held back by fear? How would your life be different if you didn’t live in fear? Would you change jobs/career paths? Settle down and get married? Try to make amends with someone?

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