Phone Addiction

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I am amazed (but, not really) by the number of people who sleep with their cell phones. I don’t mean on a nearby nightstand, but I mean, really sleep with their phones, so they can feel a text coming in during the night. A recent study shows that 2/3 of cell owners check their phones for missed messages “frequently,” even if they don’t hear it ringing or vibrating. Hmm…

We are a nation obsessed with our phones. We are also very anxious, depressed, stressed, and always feel the need to be connected (by technology, that is). I wonder, how do our relationships suffer? Does having your phone as an appendage increase your stress level? Do you worry that you are missing out?  Sure, there are many positives–we can stay in touch with family and friends we wouldn’t otherwise talk to very often and our phones can organize our days. There is great convenience in smartphones. But, convenience isn’t always better.

How would your day be different if your turned off your phone for a few hours? Better yet, how would you be different?


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