Post-Election Results Driving People to Therapy

Despite whom you voted for in November, the results of the election may still have an impact on your life. The constant “breaking news” and conversation among families and friends is enough to cause anyone anxiety. President Trump and the aftermath of the election has become a “forbidden” topic in many extended families because of the chaos and divide it brings between family members. As a result, it has brought a lot of people in to therapy; you can read more about that here.

So, what can you do about it?

1- Turn the TV off. Take a break from the news (and possibly social media too).

2- Write a letter or make a call to your state and/or federal legislator.

3- Be kind to people. This is simple, but I’ve seen political dissensions break out in my grocery store parking lot.

Even if you cannot possibly understand how someone can support so-and so, try to remember that their own life experiences have led them there.

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