Shifting gears: tween-ism

In working with many pre-teen girls and their mothers, I have found that the problem isn’t just changing hormones. “Tween-ism,” the time between childhood and adolescence, is a transient time not only for children but for their parents as well. The relationship isn’t quite what it used to be. Children don’t need their parents as much as they used to (often a hard realization for parents), and they often prefer spending time with friends over family. But, they don’t yet have the independence they might like. The family dynamics begin to shift, boundaries are tested, and conflict often ensues.

Pre-adolescence brings about many challenges (and rewards if you can be patient and flexible) for parents and their children.  But, guess what? Despite their mood-swings and eye-rolls, your kids still need (and want) you–just in a different way.

I leave you with an article by Saren Loosli who offers 5 tips on understanding pre-teens.

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