Women: We all feel the same


This weekend I attended a training for a non-profit that I am involved in. One of the speakers said, “As women, we all feel the same way inside. The problem is that we compare the way we feel inside to the way others appear on the outside.”

And every woman in attendance agreed with nodding heads.

So true, isn’t it?! Comparison can be the death of feeling content with who we are and what we have to offer. But, we are all, to some degree, good at faking it. A lot of women fake it some of the time; we all know how to put on a smile and “get it together” when we need to. A lot of our anxiety and other mental health symptoms are a result of comparing ourselves to others: what we should look like, what we should be doing with our lives, what we should be buying, etc.

Know this: you are not alone. Every woman feels worried, lonely, afraid of rejection/failure/not measuring up from time to time.

So stop comparing and breathe deep.

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