Women & Depression

Statistics reveal that women have higher rates of depression. Why, you ask? While some of it appears to be socially and culturally structured, hormones (surprise!) also play a part. This article explains that the rates of depression before adolescence are the same between boys and girls, but by the time a girl is 15, she is two times more likely than her 15 year-old male peer to struggle with depression. Hormones, for sure, play a role. But girls and women cannot escape the pressures society puts on them. The pressure on girls to be thin, pretty, smart, athletic, funny, and out-going abounds; as these girls grow older, the pressures do not disappear, but merely shift. Women are stressed by feeling like they aren’t enough (a post for another day perhaps), that they (still) can’t be pretty or thin enough, but on TOP of this, they are expected to be good wives/girlfriends, mothers, friends, professionals, the social planner/launderer/cook/chauffeur /counselor for their families. Whew! This makes me tired just by thinking about it. It’s no wonder…



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