Anxiety Begets…Anxiety

Which came first: the anxious parent or the anxious child? Hmm.. likely the parent, although we can’t know for sure. If you are a parent, it’s really tough-nearly impossible- to not project your own “stuff” onto your child(ren); this is because you are human.

As if raising a little person isn’t challenging enough, parenting seems to bring out all of our greatest anxieties and fears. And then when those “little” people grow and become “teenage” people, the fears are still there–just different kinds of fears. This is why, I believe, it’s important to know yourself and not parent (or live!) out of fear.

Check out this article from Psychology Today entitled, “The Effects of ‘Helicopter Parenting.'” If this is you, don’t fret! The article isn’t intended to increase your anxiety; instead, after you read it, do a little self-inventory and if you think it’s warranted, talk to someone about it.

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