Take Some Time

If only we had an hour of “me time” for each time we heard someone say, “You need to take care of yourself first.” Am I right? I suppose the reason that article after article is written about self-care is because it truly is important.

There are also, however, seasons of life to consider. Self-care looks different to a single college student than it might to a 30-something young mom or to a 40-something mom with older kids. The article below urges parents (particularly, moms) to take a day to themselves for recharging.

To be honest, I laughed to myself at the word “day.” A whole day?!? For some people, yes, this will be helpful and rejuvenating; while for others, it might bring on more stress and isn’t realistic. Figure out what works for you- maybe it’s a 2 hour block on a Saturday morning to go to yoga, for a run, or a hot coffee and grocery shopping alone (a true luxury for some!).  And, by all means, if you can get a day…TAKE IT!

You can read the Washington Post’s article here.

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